Welcome To  A Private Website for Our Family &
Friends.  This site is not public in that not
published in search engines. Just word of mouth &
relatively few views per month.
Some videos
on Youtube. Do
search on
judysos4, or
Judy Sos.
Corky sings Sweet Is The
It's the Dawgs: best of show at AP
Karaoke and most entertaining.
From left George, Howard, Gerald,
Boyd and Merv. And most
necessary is Beth far right. She's
running the computer.
My St Pats Day Get Up
darn, missed the parade!
Valentines Dance; Ray's
Style Show; Karaoke; Family
Below is Bud and Kay and center
Mary Ann sings, below Bud & Kay
is Sandy.
Oops, a couple of males here. But they are photographers, and
having a great time it looks!
My brother made this piece from scratch, including the butcher
counter top. It was 126 ft of glue to boards to get that lovely finished
top. And below is the rest of his kitchen finished all by himself.
You can see the video of the Xmas play on
YouTube. Search for Judy Sos. Other clips are
found under judysos4 on youtube
Another soup/stew night. Food, fellowship and libations.
That would be the second meaning in the dictionary.
Just a soup
supper. The
soup maybe
more like
stew. But all
said was
good and all
had good
time. Family
and friends,
how great a
It's Charlene!
How ya gonna beat this one.
Confucius sez: It's Tarry and Jim.
Mary Ann and Chuck above, Gail,
Barb, Ken, Billy's dad, and Howard  on
Valentine's Dance with Barb and Howard,
Sharon and Brad, and us. All girls, no
matter the age, love to dress up. And we
did. And all enjoyed the pros dancing for us.
Just look at these lovely ladies from our park!
Without these men we would
not have gotten a meal. Oh,
there's Dorothy! One woman
in kitchen with all those men.
On February 4, 2014, cribbage  in LeFaria at our
regular Tuesday afternoon games there were
two 28 hands. What fun! But we had to draw for
the high game prize and Freddie got the Ace!
That's ok. It's the hand that got everyone
excited. I had the ten with my four fives but I
don't know which card Freddie had to go with his
fives. For all you non-cribbage folks, 28 hands
are very rare and 2 in same day are even more
Two 28 Hands
Nope, not karaoke, just me at home.
Gary above, Bruce left,
Anna below right, and
Marnie and 3 new faces to
karaoke - great!!
An Alamo Country Club evening got
these three gems: Rosie & Juan, Dale
and some cute little thing calling
herself a puppy kissed my hubby!
Kinda kissed.... well close enough. lol
To date, this site covered 9 years of our travels
and activities. Due to the size of the site many of
the earlier years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are some pictures
from the past (2005 thru 2008) of which you would
like copies, I probably still have them.
There is a story about this
particular St. Pats day - but I
will share that privately with
you in email, or on phone  
and/or in person if you are
As to the hair: I thought it
finished off my costume in a
rare razzle-dazzle red way.