Karen Radford sings Someday Soon
with Timberland Junction.
New Driveway and Sidewalk: Reads Visit
Ken's Marine Picture Salvaged
Phil's 98th Birthday: A good bye session that didn't happen. Yaaaay!
Music, music and more music
We miss our good friends over the
winter so had a small jam and dinner
shortly after getting back home. Dan
and Bettie right.
Me before our meal below.
Lots of Music in conjunction with our long time friend Phil McCrea,
turned 98 July 4, 2016. He shares a birthday with the same day two of
our founding fathers died: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. And
they did not make it to 98. Congratulations Phil! A great fiddler and a
WW2 Veteran. That's him 4th from left in the middle row. Left to
right back: Jill, Marcia, Judy, Ben, Ginny, me, Ken. Center Phil, Leon,
Bettie, Dan and kneeling at front is Jerry.
Perhaps a new driveway was due?
Perhaps a new driveway was overdue!
And sidewalk. Now our friends have a
better way  to get to our door. I  always
felt sorry there was barely room to
walk up the driveway. Wider now.
While life and death goes on we were happy to
salvage this only picture of Ken's US Marine days.
Leon and Paul taken on
jam night in Indianola.
Celebrating someone's
(lol) birthday.
Steve and Darla's BBQ & Jam
Left to right: Steve, Leon, Harry, Judy and
Darla and Ken
Reads Visit From Afar;
Combs Join Us
Left is Mr. Connie, right Mrs. Connie. Both
looking great!
Above is great picture of Sherry. Left, well it's good of the coffee pot. I
found it in a flea market. It is just like Mother's was. That's me behind
the pot. Below Connie, great pic, Connie and Ken: contemplating?
The before and after sidewalk --
The dug up old driveway, looking in, the
new one looking out