Ken & Eileen - patience please w/front
end sounding harsh - gets better quality
after first few seconds. My fault, not the
Above left, Bill & John, center,
Angie, right Signey with a friend.
Left is Ray,  and Bill below.
Rosie and Juan kindly invited us to a gathering in our honor since we were
committed elsewhere for Thanksgiving. It was a really fun evening. The men
watched some of the games, the women yacked all night. And the supper was
grand, as usual at the Carreon's.
Left a partial band from
Brownsville, above is Rachel, and
in back there is Carolyn. And
below are more vendors.
Arlene left, Pat and a name I don't know. I
recognize Sue in the picture at the right.
Jim & Judy above, Anna left.
Barb and Howard sing for us. Great, as usual. And below
is just a pretty camp we stayed in at Texarkana. Or was
it Schulenburg?
The thermos is in the way of
those tight fitting pastel trunks.
A married couple entertained us royally at the Unitarian
craft sale and spaghetti supper. Both very talented and
they sure knew how to hold an audience's attention.
Note Ken below.

Also, Shirley and Charlie were there, Shirley selling
her poem books on the other half of the table where I
had my bottle lights.
Waiiting for our take out order at the
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Silver Dollar City Christmas Lights
Thanksgiving 2015
Craft Show Lights
Rosie & Juan Welcome Us
Tarry Honored at Karaoke
And to left is the silver cat bottle Judy
gave me, lights are pink and at night it
looks really pink. Daytime w/lights on it
is pink and silver. Lights off, all silver.
Right is Audry, below, Claudia
and Wes
Great smile Paul. Marnie left and
Ray left above her.
Georgia, ?, Rosie and Gisela show off their
new shoes. I don't remember whose head
was on the black shoes. Gleep.
Dale and Ken; Tuck and Jerry
It is pretty cool to sit beside a published
author like Shirley. And many of the poems
are so fitting for we retirees. Overall
though, all humanity can relate, which is
what makes them so good.
Thanksgiving brought friends and
acquaintaces together. Patty did the turkey.
It was moist and delicious. All the ladies
out-did themselves in their respective
kitchens, bringing it all to tables of 16.
Several at our table stayed a couple of
hours after dinner to chat.
This craft show was more varied than
most, with the continuous live music
throughout the afternoon and evening. The
spaghetti was super good, and I found
myself downing cookies from the baked
goods table.
Tarry receives a trophy for his 8 years
serving at karaoke and karaoke practices.
But his wife Betty stole his thunder when
she belted out Harper Valley PTA. Great
job Betty.