2016 Christmas Holidays at Main Hall and Our Home
Libby's Strong Little Lady Movie
Christmas Concert
Libby is really trying to
go somewhere.  
Already, at less than 4
weeks old. So cute.
Movie sent me by
Grandpa. (My brother
Raymond)This is not a
trial version. I paid for
the software years ago
but a hassle to get
reinstated after having
to reset my computer
to factory settings.
Posing with Shannon's Christmas gift, "Without Music Life
Would B flat. Have to type out the symbol as can't find
correct symbol on keyboard. But you can see how clever it is.
Here with the very expensive bottle of wine from
George, with the cute fur collar/sweater. I'm
wearing the gorgeous kimono from Bob, which he
bought for me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
during their vacation to Manhattan. I want to go!!
Five days of memories when Ken and I were there in
2002. We need to repeat that.
Howard, Jacqui, Jean & Charlie above.
A group of VIPs in Winter Texas Orchestra below.
Christmas Eve at our house. A smaller group
of guests than we planned but that's okay.
We had a lovely evening with lots of snacks,
bread, cheeses and wine, and berries for
dessert. We were too full to eat the chili and
more fun eating the "holiday type" food.
Click here to see Libby trying to go somewhere
Christmas Dinner in Main Hall
Howard and Sandy, both good pictures.
Libby at one month old, the 4th.
The two conductors.
The Winter Texan Orchestra Christmas Concert