Someday Soon, Karen Radford of
Timbre Junction
Elizabeth Ann McGuire
Libby Arrives 4:08 pm
Sunday Dec 4, 2016
Shane looking a bit amazed at the size of
the baby's dress, a gift at one of two
showers.  We were heading south so didn't
get to attend the shower. So was fun for
us to see these pictures.
Shower at her
long-time friend,
Phyllis's house.
To left is Val in September. Below, Val and
Shane have done a clever, artistic room all
ready now for the new little one. Below is
the baby's swing. And as you see, her
name will be Elizabeth.
Great looking food at all three showers.
This is the concert band one I believe.
Chairman of Race Committee, Bruce, our
neighbor and good friend. That red
Corvette is the car I'd buy. IF I was goig
to buy. After failing to get my trial car over
the overpass without wrecking it, I think
I'll just watch.
Those in the center of the track were very busy uprighting
flipped over vehicles. This is Charlie, and considering some of
the cars actually flying through the air, I'd say he and the other
two men were pretty brave. Easy to get hit in the head with a
flying car. At times it looked like a demolition derby instead of a
race. Was really fun.
Above right is a
drone (I hear one
drone flew away,
never to return).
Below is the
cutest and fastest
and straightest
and smallest car
out there.  But
heck, one of the
bigger cars just
jumped onto the
top of him. No
fair! lol
Right is article
from Monitor.
Where Rosemary
told me they
quoted lil' ole me.
(We don't take
the local
We arrived in the park to find a bunch of
men worked long summer hours to build a
race track north of Tampico Hall. It is big,
it is dirt, it has hills, over passes and some
bleachers at its west side.
Our long time good
friend Blackie, on his
John Deere mower. He's
95, going for 100 he
says, and I believe him.
You can tell by
everyone was
having fun.
This is a great
event for our
The fresh grilled hamburgers and hot dogs were top notch.
Robot Cars Racing Promotion
Everyone Smiling!
All Race Track Pictures from here on - I lifted
some of them from Joan's Facebook Post
Shirley, here, Pat on right.
Bruce directly above, Merv and Dale to right.
Marnie, Terry and the gentlemen below -
not sure name.
Kristina's new house.
Alamo Palms Race Track & Traxx
Val(our niece) & Shane Expecting Soon
Thanksgiving at Stratfords & Carreons
Thanksgiving Thursday at Bruce &
Lavern's & Again Friday
at Rosemary's and Juan's
I lament my lack of a camera at Bruce and Lavern's where 12 of us
were fed and entertained royally, on Thanksgiving Day. I guess it
isn't as bad as losing my diamond cocktail ring, but it makes me
very sad not to have even one picture to remember the day. But it
was a memorable day with friends and meal rated over the top and
those who attended will remember anyway, without pictures.
Above is Johnny B. who was the main chef for
the two Thanksgivings celebrated at Juan and
Rosemary's. My favorite was his tomato basil
soup. Fresh basil and his expertise resulted in a
ten-star. He should be on one of the cook show
talent competitions. I'm serious.
Below left is Juan, his Dad and Rosemary his
mother below.
Left above, Carolyn, Rosemary and Vicky.
To right is Jerry, a veteran Navy Corpsman.
Ken with the Carreon's dog, named
Rosemary, to right is Rosie. Below right,
Carolyn, me, Rosie, Rosemary and Vicky.
My remarkable husband.
Jerry and Jim, handsome men, whom this
picture does not do justice.
Happy father!!
And happy mother! And
grandfather, and