I was not able to attend the Newly Wed
show, but I watched  and enjoyed the
video afterward. But my knowledge about
names both real and stage names etc. is
Karen Radford sings Someday Soon
with Timberland Junction.
And the M.C Ben Gay, aka. Jim, with a
pretty and pregnant newcomer and her
husband below. Below left:  a newly wed
Miss Vicky aka Holly and her Tiny Tim.
Mary Ann had her phone in a convenient
place; and it rang. It was the Lord, and he
wanted to talk to Chuck. They had an
enlightening conversation, from this end
Pictures by Howard Bedient.
Our home when we bought in 2007. We
thought the cacti were big way back then.
Now we realize what big is.
We had to uproot a 4 cacti on north side so
we could add the new room.
The house 2016, March, right before they
took it down. That's Ken taking down the
awning. Each of the large cacti were
growing into the house and/or awning.
Below is south side  in 2007.All taken
before the new addition, below right.
A neighbor, Lawrence, and Ken watch the
show. He had to help Ken take down the
awning as it was too heavy for me to hold.
Always lots of good, friendly help in our
neighborhood. And in the whole park.
The men took it down a bit at a time. It
took a couple of hours and would have been
a lot easier on everyone's nerves if they
could have used a cherry picker. But they
did a really good job. And then Ken's work
began! He took his golf cart to the workers
yard 4-5 times just hauling away rocks.
/I always wondered if a cactus was hollow
inside.  Nope!!
You can see how cacti grow voluntarily
and just like weeds. Lavern planted the Bird
of Paradise and the bush behind it. The rest
is just spreading and multiplying. I find it
amazing that the thing with the paddles
was not even here in 2007.
Ken with our cute neighbor, Lavern.  This
cactus has nearly tripled in size since 2007.
It was in the 90s today. Mar 2016. After
the project is finished Ken heads out to the
hot tub and pool. Well deserved. Not many
at his age could have done the project so
tirelessly and quickly.
This is how it looks after the cactus was
removed.  The little foliage plant looks
pretty small to us right now.
Bruce and Jim chat out front, complete
with Jim's St. Pat's Day hat.
The Masks, neighbors on our north side, have a beautiful
back yard garden. The best thing about that, is my view
from our new room is that very garden. And two purple
martin bird houses are occupied each year. These four
pictures are all of Jim and Sandy's back garden.
Dusk at 544. It is 8:15 pm
Easter Dinner
Farewell Jack & Dorothy
Big Changes: Saguaro Out, Red Sister Cordyline In:
A Look Over Past 9 Years at 544
Scroll way down for Newly Weds Alamo Palms
Bob & Rachel Organized the dinner for Easter.
Tyrone Shoes, aka Bruce, with two judges,
aka Bev and Dorothy.
And in the midst of it all we waved
goodbye with wishes for a safe trip and
happy settling in Arizona.
I grabbed this picture of three great ladies
from Facebook.  Wonderful picture!
Robin, Betty and Di.
These four pictures are me,
finally figuring out how to
arrange my blond hair. lol
I'm liking it. Finally. The different
lighting looks like two different
Farewell Jack & Dorothy
Scroll On Down for Newly Weds Game and our house with cacti.