Welcome To  A Private Website for Our Family &
Friends.  This site is not public in that not
published in search engines. Just word of mouth &
relatively few views per month.
Some videos
on Youtube. Do
search on
judysos4, or
Judy Sos.
Natalie & Alison
Rosie & Juan in Toga(s)
Chuck's Birthday;

Easter Dinner

My St Pats Day Get Up;
Valentines Dance; Ray's Kitchen
Oops, a couple of males here. But they are photographers, and
having a great time it looks!
You can see the video of the Xmas play on
YouTube. Search for Judy Sos. Other clips are
found under judysos4 on youtube
Just look at these lovely ladies from our park!
Without these men we would
not have gotten a meal. Oh,
there's Dorothy! One woman
in kitchen with all those men.
Two 28 Hands
Just me at home.
To date, this site covered 9 years of our travels
and activities. Due to the size of the site many of
the earlier years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are some pictures
from the past (2005 thru 2008) of which you would
like copies, I probably still have them.
There is a story about this
particular St. Pats day - but I
will share that privately with
you in email, or on phone  
and/or in person if you are
As to the hair: I thought it
finished off my costume in a
rare razzle-dazzle red way.
On February 4, 2014, cribbage  in LeFaria, Texas,
at our regular Tuesday afternoon games there
were two 28 hands. What fun! But we had to draw
for the high game prize and Freddie got the Ace!
That's ok. It's the hand that got everyone excited.
I had the ten with my four fives but I don't know
which card Freddie had to go with his fives. For
all you non-cribbage folks, 28 hands are very rare
and 2 in same day are more rare.
There was a toga party at Alamo
Country Club. And
Cousins Rosie
and Juan looking good.
Another soup/stew night. Food, fellowship and libations.
That would be the second meaning in the dictionary.
Valentine's Dance with Barb and Howard, Sharon and Brad,
and us. All girls, no matter the age, love to dress up. And
we did. And all enjoyed the pros dancing for us.
Kay and her delightful friend,
whose name slips my mind. Tarry
always takes a good picture. And
left is C.J. and Sandy. Right is
Laren, Julie, Mary Ann and Bill.
Dorothy, Diane and Ray. Jack declined
the camera. He can be diffcult.

Rich and Sandy, Di and Jim.
Our gracious Easter hosts Don
amd Marty. This was a better
picture of them than I got on the
actual day.
Eileen has a new hair do. Also a beautiful
pineapple dish.
 And that's Dale below left.
Ken, center, having more fun than he
looks like.
 Below right, Chuck celebrates
his 70 something birthday.
Scroll down 9-10 inches
for more pictures. I have
this gap for adding more
current activities later.
Me, San Diego, 2012. Fond memories. I
love the paint Alex's friend put on my
face at the zoo.
A couple of my lighted bottles.