Karen Radford sings Someday Soon
with Timberland Junction.
Alamo Season Ends (right side), Return to Ankeny
Hale-Bopp pictures from 20 Years Ago

Visit Ray, Martha & Dolls in Burlington (left side)
Alamo remove more cacti; Ankeny driveway before
Here's the beautiful cactus tree that we had to
remove. Was a sad day.  This picture was taken 8
years ago so much larger now. The pictures below
are scenes during the removal.
A tree was removed so now you can see
the river from all three floors of Ray's
house. Right down the hill in Ray's yard,
across the brick pavement and neighbor's
yard and you're in the river. Below that to
left is Ray leaning against one of the front
porch pillars which he had to make some
front scratch because pieces like this are
simply not around any more. If they ever
And the porch floor is another challenge
because it is round on one end and melds
into rectangular at the other end. It's very
At this point both columns of pictures are some of Ray's work
and just a few of Martha's dolls. Directly above are Val and
Shane, Below is a screen door Ray built from scratch for the
second floor balcony. Notice the detail. He's so talented.
Our Works Manager was there to oversee
and help get the huge tree down. It was a
half day job with three park employees  
And this is the other cactus tree, which is
at the back and side of our lot. Two-thirds
of this tree split off and fell over. Which
was our reason for removing the one from
the front. We didn't want to crush our
neighbors cars, nor ours.
Martha and her dolls make the newspaper.
A few pictures from our jam at Indianola.
It was ice cream and cake later which Paul
provided - was his birthday month.
Leon and Dan seem to be solving world problems.
Jerry, Bettie, Ken. Paul on right.
The Wednesday Attitude Adjustment (AA)
meeting at poolside was attended by 12-14
I'm guessing. Most of my pictures were
not very good. So am using only two.
At publication time we eagerly await our
driveway to be replaced.
I'd forgotten how enthralled I was with the Hale-Bopp comet.
Picture below E. Kolmhofer, H. Raab;
Johannes-Kepler-Observatory, Linz, Austria
(http://www.sternwarte.at) - Own work. Image of comet C/1995
O1 (Hale-Bopp), taken on 1997 April 04, with a 225mm f/2.0
Schmidt Camera (focal length 450mm) on Kodak Panther 400 color
slide film with an exposure time of 10 minutes. The field shown is
about 6.5°x6.5°. At full resolution, the stars in the image appear
slightly elongated, as the camera tracked the comet during the
A gentleman from the Ashton Observatory
Star Gazers gave me this picture. He
searched the Iowa area to find scenery as
below, showing Iowa in early spring at
early night time.
Hale-Bopp picture taken
professionally. See credits above.

Look at all those stars. And we earthlings
think we are the center of the universe!