Blake and group from out east.
October 2016
SF Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
New York Trip
Bob and George's Athletic Club where they
swim several days a week. Actually Bob
has been swimming 7 days a week for the
past year.Both our Alamo Palms pool and
the San Francisco pool have palm trees.
But the night view of the SF pool is right in
the middle of the city. Wonderful location
and lit buildings all around.
The guys treated Ken and I to a meal at
Kiki's, an oriental restaurant with terrific
food. And lower right is Kuma. He looks a
little disgusted his masters dressed him in
this lovely suit. lol
Bob has a lovely apartment and we are
always very comfortable staying there. His
living room to the left, has such pretty
wood (real wood) paneling and such a
warm and cozy fireplace. To right he
vacuums the kitchen.
The owner of Kiki's, where the sushi, and
the rest of the food, is top notch.
We ran across some friends we hadn't
seen for 30 some years when we were
playing music at Phil's nursing home. Don
and Myra met us for lunch and we had a
pleasant reunion at the Village Inn. Sorry I
didn't get a decent picture of
Bob and George visited New York shortly
after we left San Francisco. The freedom
tower with the needle on top is tallest
building in Manhattan now. And see the
lovely new subway station on a site near
what was the World Trade Center.
Jennifer's Baby Shower
I don't know all the names of the guests,
but below is Jennifer, Alice and Thayne.
And mother Jan did a lot of the work to
make the shower such a success, but I
didn't get a good picture of her.
Great picture of Joyce.
The beautiful fall view from our home.