Happy Retirement Kirsten - Hats Off
Great pictures of Alison, and
Gordon too.
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Myrtle was such
a special person
and will be
forever missed
by her John
Deere friends,
her family, and
the many acts of
kindness she did
for everyone she
knew. Pictured
here in 2012.

Thayne, Alice,
Jan and I were
among the
honorary pall
Kirsten, Guest of Honor,
if anyone has a better
quality picture I'd sure
like to have it. Send to  

And Ila gets such a
great picture, and she
did a lotta work for
this party. She's so
creative and the hats
were really fun. The
workers gift was the
band and the food.
Myrtle, Close Friend Since 1964.
Gone To Her Savior at Age 98.
Gosh, I really  
don't like
wearing such a
wide brim hat as
I have to raise
my chin to see
out.  Now,
Mary's hat is -
well, leaves me
I really like Ken's hat, don't you? I got
my pretty top in Mexico last week.
Going again next Friday and will be
our last trip this season. Don't usually
go for fun - just for pharmacy,
shopping and pedicures. Though went
once with John and Pat, Lavern and
Bruce. That was fun! One trip to
Progreso this year we counted 17
police or border patrol cars on the way
there. We are about 20 miles north
and west of Progreso. Methinks they
look for illegals but in the process
catch plenty of legals speeding.
Di and Jacquie, Sandy and Rich.

I see Paul, Pat, Sheryl and Bev. Can't see the
other two very well.

The fiddlers, ALL the band were very good
Robin, Dan,
Mary, Corky,
and some
names I don't
Stacy; Lavern with Louie and Donna,
Don in background.
Mary and