Welcome To  A Private Website for Our Family &
Friends.  This site is not public in that not
published in search engines. Just word of mouth &
relatively few views per month.
Some videos
on Youtube. Do
search on
judysos4, or
Judy Sos.
Well, you can see who won first place on a recent Tuesday night cribbage
tournament. Janet had not one loss!
To date, this site covered 9 years of
our travels and activities. Due to the
size of the site many of the earlier
years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are
some pictures from the past (2005
thru 2009) of which you would like
copies, I probably still have them.
Setting up above: Jeff, Steve, Leon, Denise, Blake, Steve, Shari & Judy. Ken
hidden. I'm in the audience as just out of hospital from having surgery. So I am
in the front row, taking pictures and videos.
Another fabulous fiddler. This group had a
really neat name, which I have forgotten.
Our new dining set. I love it - the green leather chairs go well
with my rugs.
The biggest treat at the festival was running into our
good friends Beth and Jeff. Hopefully this will become
an annual event... Kristal is already expecting us next
year for a visit and this event. Kristal and Ken to left.
Alfonso and group were the hit of the day, and below is his
gypsy house with wheels, and yard.
This little cutie came
out of the audience
and danced through
our whole program.
Below are flowers
sent from my music
Cheryl, head of line to left, delivered a very articulate and funny welcome. Her
exact words, "thank you all, for coming to this annual
surprise party." Cheryl
said she didn't know when, but she knew something was happening. (Since
Bob has had a surprise birthday party for her almost every year since they
were married.) So she stayed dressed up all day on her birthday, the 19th. Well,
Bob fooled her again and the gathering to celebrate was the day AFTER her
birthday this year. Who knows what he will come up with next. You have to
know him to appreciate this
- he's a real stitch and has been a wonderful
husband for Cheryl and a great addition to our family.
The next few pictures are from my sister,
Cheryl's, birthday bash. Bob, below,
planned it all and did a great job.
Visit to Kristal & Robin and Gypsy Fest
Carlisle Scotchridge Reunion Iowa
State Fair Aug 2014
Sherry and Jay visited us in September. We had the
Combs over and we had an evening like in the old days.
The lights look totally different in the
different lights of the day and night.
These lights run between $20 and
$35 dollars plus shipping, with the
Happy Cat Collectible Bottles
being the ones for $35. I only have
two of those for sale, one red and
one frosted green.
The picture doesn't do justice to
the really tall blue, oval shaped
bottle. It has clear lights inside and
it looks like a beautiful starry sky
to me.
The cat bottles above are not yet
lit, as still have wine in them.
The picture down below, you will
notice the wires.They are not very
noticeable at night time, or if you
set the bottle against a solid
background. I like mine in the
windows though, so the wires do
show in the daylight.
State Fair Carlisle Reunion
Cheryl's Birthday
Reads & Combs Come to Dinner
We visit Kristal and Robin
Gypsy Swing Fest
Tim Retires

Janet at Cribbage
A group of long-time friends gathered at the Benchwarmers to
celebrate Tim's retirement from Deere. Below Tim and Jeanne
admire their leaping deer and the running deer, which symbolize
the span of Tim's very successful career.
Below are two former bosses, Russ and Marv,
and Vicky, Tim's right hand assistant. Her
husband Mark is also pictured.
Ah,  there's my Ken, doing his
favorite thing: fiddling.
At practice below, Steve and son Forrest, and below that, Ken and
Leon and Ken with me at the fair.
My eyes a bit tired looking...only 3
weeks since the surgery.
Daisy Coutre, age 17, one of four
talented fiddlers we were lucky
enough to hear.
Some of the audience.. oh, that's