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Paul's Jam regulars celebrates his
birthday and surgery recovery, and
Ken's birthday. Leon made
homemade ice cream and there
was cake and cookies and coffee
and cider. A special night for us as
we had not seen our Iowa friends
till this night.
A couple of scenes from Alamo Palms.
The ducks arrived weeks ago and that's
attributed to all the rain this season.
Totally weird to have that much rain in
an area that had to be irrigated before
any crops could be grown. This is just
the median of the main Avenue of our
Alamo Palms
Leon on flute, Ginny and Jerry. To right is Bettie, Dan, Steve and
A great jam at Judy and Leon's home.
They have a lovely and huge older
home in Mitchellville and have done
and are still doing a lot of remodeling.
Like my brother, they have enough
projects to keep them busy for the
next couple dozen years. Admirable.
Mr. Connie shows off Ewing Park
lilacs on Mother's Day. Clever way to
wish me a Happy Mother's Day when
we were not in Iowa.
Birthdays and Music in Indianola
Sorry I didn't get a better picture of
Paul. Next time.
Dan mugs for the camera. Bettie into a
fiddle tune on the right.
Ginny and Simon
A sad day when Gary moved his house
out of the park. However, a lot of folks
turned out to watch the happening. I
am guessing they backed in and out a
couple of dozen times, moving the
house to the right a foot or so at a
time.This was so they could make the
turn from the lot to the road.  And the
tree was also in the way, as well as
Barb and Howard's landscaping and
John and Pat's house.