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relatively few views per month.
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To date, this site covered 9 years of
our travels and activities. Due to the
size of the site many of the earlier
years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are
some pictures from the past (2005
thru 2009) of which you would like
copies, I probably still have them.
The Drama Club at the Alamo Country Club  honored Veterans with a Chili
Supper, music and recognition of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast
Guard men who have served our country. There was even one WWII veteran.
Please excuse the lack of good pictures - my camera was home and my phone
was used. And sadly, not used very well.
I remember those go-go boots
from the early 70s. Pretty nice
Margie! We wore 'em  with hot
pants back then. Giggle.

And below is Gisela  with her
handsome Bob. and I don't know
who Rosie's handsome man is...
but below is handsome Juan,
her husband.
The lights look totally different in the
different lights of the day and night.
These lights run between $20 and
$35 dollars plus shipping, with the
Happy Cat Collectible Bottles
being the ones for $35. I only have
two of those for sale, one red and
one frosted green.
The picture doesn't do justice to
the really tall blue, oval shaped
bottle. It has clear lights inside and
it looks like a beautiful starry sky
to me.
The cat bottles above are not yet
lit, as still have wine in them.
The picture down below, you will
notice the wires.They are not very
noticeable at night time, or if you
set the bottle against a solid
background. I like mine in the
windows though, so the wires do
show in the daylight.

A Grand Slam for me!!
New York Hudson River Trip
Veterans Day Program at ACC
Return to Alamo Palms
Below are two former bosses, Russ and Marv,
and Vicky, Tim's right hand assistant. Her
husband Mark is also pictured.
Ah,  there's my Ken, doing his
favorite thing: fiddling.
At the right end is Ken and left above is Juan as the armed
services were recognized. Juan was in Air Force and Ken Marines.
And below is our friend Bob Gallagher who served in the Army and
the Coast Guard.
Nice dining set
Rosie and Gisela. Rosie
made the apple tree using
various unexpected
materials and tools. Mostly
papier-mache. She was a
part of the Don't Sit Under
the Apple Tree scene.  
Below is Eileen with
Carolyn and her boots. A
better picture of Carolyn is
with her handsome
husband Jerry, below left.
Bob and George took
a Hudson River Trip
and toured the
mansions along the
way. This I believe
was the Roosevelts.
Hopefully, soon more
pics and info below.
Georgia, the legitimate playwright
of the ACC Drama Club.
The flag is not on the wall. It is a
hat on Eileen's head.
directly below is Rockefellers
Samuel Morse Mansion.
Mills Mansion
Wilderstein Mansion in Rhinecliff, NY,
home of Margaret Suckley, the sixth cousin
of FDR and the woman many suspect had
an affair with him. She was portrayed by
Laura Linney in the movie HYDE ON THE
HUDSON with Bill Murray as FDR.
The Gould Mansion
This is more of Rockefeller's estate called Kykuit,
home of four generations of the Rockefeller
And last of the trip were some of
the cars those wealthy enough for
mansions drove, along with some
driven by middle class folk.
Yet more of Rockefeller Estate.
Here's how my grand
slam score card
looks. I could hardly
believe it. Was quite
a thrill.
ACC Luncheon Bunch at my
place: Left, Georgia, Rosie, Ila,
Marty, Gisela and I. Eileen
took the picture.