Hickory Park
John & Mary's 50th Anniversary
w/Renewed Vows & Big Bash Celebration
Omaha Family Gatherings
Michael & Beth Engage
Site Only Partially Reconstructed.
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I know some of the kids but lots more names I don't know. Here are
some pictures from the scene taken during our time in attendance.
The cakes were great -- there were 3
kinds, filled with lemon pudding and
raspberry pudding and white and
chocolate marble. This was just
dessert. A full meal was served to
many guests. I cannot guess how
many, but it was rooms full, and tents
and patios full everywhere.
Another long time no-see was Tony, and Mary's brother John,
directly below. John and Ken were in the Marines about the
same time and also in the Reserves.
More of Mary's sisters.
To right another of Rick w/cousin, I
think. More of the old boys below.
Lunch with Sally, Burgers at Shannon's and the Zoo.
Sally, Ken and I lunched at Upstream.
A great choice Sally! We all had pizza
and Ken also had some chicken wings
that were too hot for him so he had an
O'Douls alongside. Huge vats in the
front window to right.
The Father's Day picture at the zoo of
Sally, Holly, Shannon and Ken was not
good of the three women. So, you get to
look at me with the crew as good of the
other three at least. I would not be
popular if I put in the other one.
Meerkats are my
favorite but Henry
Doorly needs to
give them a good
brushing. The
raggedy coats
should be smooth
and shining. These
little guys are
always on the
lookout for
predators.... lots of
other animals like
them for dinner.
Ken and Judy, John's sister, below, who he
hadn't seen for a very long time
Michael and Beth announced their engagement today:
June 19, 2015.
Left is Beth's tattoo. Right, Nichol has
both feet done.
Holly with her youngest, Tristan.
Kelly, and her son, Jaxson
Nichol, Holly's daughter, with Tristan
and Ken.
Another cutie, a grand newphew of
John and Mary.
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50 Years Ago to left. Today to right.
(Ken is back row second from right.)
Above Thayne, Vicky, me, Joyce, Elly, Jan
and Alice. Waitress took that one. To left
and right were two that came out fairly
well of the self-timer 10 shots setting on
my camera. Alice snuck out of the one to
left so I am also posting the one to right,
cropped, as it is really good of all three.
Jan chose the Hickory Park restaurant in
Ames for the luncheon. A great time with
great food. And wonderful desserts. Yum.