Welcome To  A Private Website for Our Family &
Friends.  This site is not public in that not
published in search engines. Just word of mouth &
relatively few views per month.
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Ken and I made a couple of improvements to our own humble adobe.  New
bedspread for our very old beds. Not 1868 circa, but 1960 circa not so very
young! Needless to say, I got a real bargain on the bedspread. After all,
there's as much Braman as Delmege in us and the Bramans are TRUE bargain
To date, this site covered 9 years of our travels
and activities. Due to the size of the site many of
the earlier years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are some pictures
from the past (2005 thru 2009) of which you would
like copies, I probably still have them.
One of the major improvements this past year was
the total remodeling of the kitchen, including new
hardwood floors and a made from scratch butcher
block top on one of his hand-built cupboards. Oh
yes, and I made those lights above the cupboard.
They are on a timer and light up at night time.
Val is as usual, entertaining us -
this time with a story and it looks
like 3 hands.
A second major project and the most dangerous was the second floor outdoor
porch. Ray had been on the roof of this balcony doing repairs when he
discovered the main posts holding the roof up were rotted through and nearly
collapsed on him. He got to work repairing that immediately. He MADE the
replacement posts. See the picture from his work room below left. Directly
below is finished project.
The work room tools. I don't know what you call most of
them, but I know Ray searched out the best bargains
and got some huge discounted prices.  Yes, research
does pay.
Miscellaneous pictures of our family and  around the house
The cat bottles to the right are Raymond's, a gift from Martha.
And we put new flooring in for our
kitchen and bath, plus from
kitchen to basement door. We are
very pleased
Kitchen above,entry right, bathroom below.
Right, Ken and John at far end of
dining room with 3 lovely bay windows
and scotch pines in the side yard.
Below left Ray Val and Shane with my
empty chair, Ken and John. Below right
Cheryl and Bob.
THE CHOPS, before and after:   
one left. They were each the size of a small roast.
some of us could only manage a half chop.
Upper left Martha, right Ray, left lower Stephan
and April, right below is Ray, Shane, me, Ken,
John, April, Stephan and Cheryl. Cheryl's
looking good.
No one did any heavy hitting on the wine bottle
you notice. We had a gay ole time on tea!
Below: Martha and Ray, with the original built in buffet on wall of dining room, and his
stainless steel top of the line Samsung refrigerator showing the the door from dining room
to kitchen. 'Notice the built in cupboard on top of the frig which Ray built and everyone can  
reach it!
The dining room outside door has been refinished by Ray. It is original including door knob.
The door direlctly behind Ray is one into living room. The living room is very large and there
is a double french door, original, at the  other end of living room, toward front of house.
Ray and Martha plan to paint the walls a taupe in the dining room to make it more serene and
authentic for its era in time.
Above, me and April, left is the hardiest
and largest hibiscus I've ever seen,
growing right off Ray's back patio. To
right is Stephan coming to join us on
back patio. That's Martha's blue car and
our black one.
These two upright posts to the right---
are now what started out at left. Closer
up finished below.
And here is one of my cat bottles,
lit, and one of my Tuesday
cribbage buddies who is now a
national name after winning first
national tournament he entered
this past February. Sam is pictured
with Bob, also a cribbage buddy.
Well, I broke my wrist and the Connies, our good friends, brought over
some beautiful roses for me. I have to wear the splnt for 2 months. A
nuisance and I can't do much physical labor because it is my right hand.
The bruise at one time went from my thumbnail clear to my elbow.
The sign in the front yard  is nearly
hidden by the heavy vines
Bob is undoubtedly feeding April a
very long tale.
I have never given anyone the
finger in my entire life. However,
Bob was able to get this picture
and I guess it must be the splint
that makes it look this way
John is looking and feeling so
much better since his gall bladder
was removed.
The lights look totally different in the
different lights of the day and night.
These lights run between $20 and
$35 dollars plus shipping, with the
Happy Cat Collectible Bottles
being the ones for $35. I only have
two of those for sale, one red and
one frosted green.
The picture doesn't do justice to
the really tall blue, oval shaped
bottle. It has clear lights inside and
it looks like a beautiful starry sky
to me.
The cat bottles above are not yet
lit, as still have wine in them.
The picture down below, you will
notice the wires.They are not very
noticeable at night time, or if you
set the bottle against a solid
background. I like mine in the
windows though, so the wires do
show in the daylight.
Delmege's Meet in Ray's Home by the River
Connies bring flowers for my broken wrist
New kitchen, bath floors for Ken & Judy
My Latest Happy Lights (Clear at bottom)
My brother is extremely talented so we all journeyed 3 hours to
see the improvements he has made to his 1868s circa home. Huge
Iowa chops were served to the largest group congregated on
Monday afternoon. That included Ken and I, Cheryl and Bob, Val
and Shane, John and April & Stephan (John's step-daughter from
Seattle and her boyfriend) and Ray and friend Martha.