Shirley's Show Shines
Dale, Becky & Cedar Valley
Family Visits Lavern & Bruce
Shirley (left) wrote a
play, starring Merv,
Diane & Leo, Jim, and
. It was a fun and
funny hour of
entertainment with
some talented park
Shannon & Troy in Puerto Vallarta
And this seems to be a very serious
moment for Bruce & Lavern. Can anyone
guess this sober occasion?
Also a more sober time as Don & Marty
prepare to move to Arizona. We will miss
them but still see them during Iowa summers.
Ken & Eileen - patience please w/front
end sounding harsh - gets better quality
after first few seconds. My fault, not the
And on to more cheery times. Pat, Lavern,
Judy, Cassie and I spent 3 hours in Mexico
right before they left on their Hawaiian cruise.
First stop was our favorite pharmacy. We like
the entertainment and the free beverages while
we wait for our prescriptions to be filled.
Left, Johnny Ray Gomez, a friend from
Ken's past, performs at Winter Haven.
Right our friends Darryl, Barb, Becky,
Dale, and John make up Cedar Valley
Band. One missing member, their 93 year
old mandolin player, Mert. She will arrive
later this week.
Another face from the past, left, is Ernie.
And below Sharon harmonizes with him.
This gal from Wichita has an Orthey harp,
which is the king of autoharps.