Welcome To  A Private Website for Our Family &
Friends.  This site is not public in that not
published in search engines. Just word of mouth &
relatively few views per month.
Some videos
on Youtube. Do
search on
judysos4, or
Judy Sos.
To date, this site covered 10 years of
our travels and activities. Due to the
size of the site many of the earlier
years have been removed to an
external hard drive. So if there are
some pictures from the past (2005
thru 2009) of which you would like
copies, I probably still have them.
The lights look totally different in the
different lights of the day and night.
These lights run between $20 and
$35 dollars plus shipping, with the
Happy Cat Collectible Bottles
being the ones for $35. I only have
two of those for sale, one red and
one frosted green.
The picture doesn't do justice to
the really tall blue, oval shaped
bottle. It has clear lights inside and
it looks like a beautiful starry sky
to me.
The cat bottles above are not yet
lit, as still have wine in them.
The picture down below, you will
notice the wires.They are not very
noticeable at night time, or if you
set the bottle against a solid
background. I like mine in the
windows though, so the wires do
show in the daylight.
Getting ready to go to Rosie and Juan's for
Thanksgiving dinner. But I hadn't gotten my
pretty red necklace on yet.
The ACC Lunch Bunch plus Ila and
me. My house on Monday before
ACC Luncheon Bunch at my
home, Georgia, Rosie, Ila,
Marty, Gisela and I. Eileen
took the picture.
Lavern hosts the Thanksgiving table at the
main hall again this year and it is beautifully
decorated as usual. Look how a pumpkin
alone (below) can turn one holiday into
another. Look closely and you will see what I
mean. Lavern and Bruce here.
Lavern and Jim
Well, I had to post
both of these as they
were both so good
Juan doesn't seem to mind the hat.
Even with it a bit crooked. On the
other hand, Ken looks a bit grumpy.
I'm getting a lesson on positioning my hat. Right is Gisela and Rosie, Juan, me,
Ken, Carolyn, Dale and John B. back in the kitchen.
Rosie's table.
Gisela's husband, Bob, to left. Great
picture of Gisela and Rosie to right, and
also of Carolyn, below left with Jerry,
Carolyn's husband below right.
ACC Luncheon
Thanksgiving at Rosemary and
Lavern's Table in Main Hall
Neighbors Jim and
Sandy loaded down
with huge bowl of
shrimp and a
crockpot full of sweet
es, heading for
the main hall dinner.
Georgia, Rosie, Ila, Marty, Gisela
and me. Eileen took the picture.
Scroll way,
way, down to
see the Cat
And to the right pretty much says
"after the delicious meal".
Acting silly
hey, I recognize those legs!!
The latest bottles - some are filled
with pebbles which camoflauges
the wires quite well. Difficult for an
amatuer photographer like myself
to get a picture which look like
they do when looking in person.