Below Carol & Marv w/1929 Ford Model A Coupe. Below them are two
granddaughters, Macenzie and  Olivia.
Below is picture of Jim and Janet and one of their show cars.
They are also in the group of my cribbage playing friends.
State Fair Parade, Thomas Mitchell Day, Cribbage & Cars
Jan drove the three of us to the parade. Pictured is me with
Maggie. Below, Jan and me. It was a nice cool evening with a
breeze, very enjoyable, both chatting and watching parade.
More State Fair Parade Pictures
including the Butter Cow Lady
This space saved for picture of Bob H.
himself. To left is his scorecard at cribbage
on a Tuesday in August. Notice 5 skunks,
which explains the 245 point spread.
90 Years for Iowa State Fiddle Contest
In center of float are friends Leon w/sunglasses and Judy playing dog
house bass. Others we know in picture also, for instance Margaret,
back to camera on your right at end.
Marv's Car
in real life this car is a beautiful teal blue and my scanner
did a poor job showing it. It now resides in Tacoma.
Boys of County Buck w/Blake
Butter Cow Artist
What a cutie! And he was feeling it.
The momma is carrying her little girl's
shoes. I am assuming they must have hurt
her feet because going barefoot on cement
would not usually be a better option.
I sure hope this little guy
didn't have to walk (run)
the whole way.
Thomas Mitchell Days Car Show
Notice the dice cap on the tire
No riding for this little one. She's pushing
her buggy.